Sorry, CBD oil products and any other related hemp-based CBD is still illegal in Canada. But, you don’t need to lose hope. In only takes a matter of time until the Cannabis Act Bill of 2018 will be approved in the Senate. As of today, only a few who can buy this stuff particularly the medical patients and medical professionals in this field. All in all, you cannot sell, but, import and export the product.

The Buzz Of CBD

Indeed, CBD oil has a promising result when it comes to its overall health benefits. CBD oil can be used against many types of body pain including arthritis, joint pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. In fact, there is recent medical research whereas, the oil has shown a potential effect of killing cancer cells in the human body. It is known as one of the most well-known cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant species and perhaps also the most controversial one. Some countries like the United States, for example, had completely legalized the use of hemp oil, but not when it comes to Canadian CBD oils.

The Argument

CBD oil has no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC with psychoactive effect and therefore, it does not make a person high or addictive to the oil. Generally, CBD molecule, on the other hand, has the same effects regardless of whether it comes from cannabis sativa (marijuana or botanical cousin like hemp. This is where the confusion starts. Keep in mind that not all CBD oil comes from hemp, some productions were made from marijuana which is not legal. Therefore, under the IHR Industrial Hemp Regulation of cbd hemp oil in Canada, whether the oil is contained with THC or CBD, the production of the whole industrial hemp plant still falls in the regulation of the NCR or Narcotic COntrol Regulation. So, if anyone would tell you that it is completely legal, then they are terribly wrong.

Don’t Lose Hope

At the moment, drugs containing cannabis are restricted in the Canadian soil. The only way you can buy this stuff if you are residing in Canada is when the doctor prescribed you to use the oil for medicinal purposes. CBD oil products are under the Drug Substances Act are legal. These products must meet the standard of the Canadian government which is, the product must contain 10 part of the per million of CBD without THC. Where to buy cbd in Canada you asked?, you can find them via retail and online stores that are permitted because they’ve met the government regulation. If you are looking for a certain brand in a CBD oil store and it is not available, there is a chance that the product is restricted.

Hemp In Canada

Indeed, Hemp products is a much richer source of CBD that makes a lot of sense using this natural herb compared to other medicinal products like aspirin. For consumers like you, regulating the hemp oil and cannabis-based CBD oil must set rules that the government itself must provide more clarity prior to the subject matter.

Understanding The Legality Of CBD Hemp Oil In Canada