Cannabis oil is known as a remedy for people who are suffering from chronic pain. The substance can reduce the pain, overall discomfort of a person and inflammation. CBD oil is a type of product that is produced from cannabis. Cannabis is not a Marijuana though both are same species of plant. The main difference between the two is the fact that cannabis has no THC which is a psychoactive substance. In Layman’s term, this is the substance that can make a person high. While CBD product has not but has the same benefits and effects.

Is It Legal

CBD products are permitted by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. Yet, of course, CBD oil manufacturers must comply on the standard implemented by the federal government. They are regulated for purity dosage just like any other medications. Moreover, the legality of using cannabis oil reached Northern America. In fact, you can find different products of C.B.D. in Canada. Based on the reviews by medical professionals in Calgary, they’ve concluded that CBD was effective in overall pain management. They also noted that the use of such oil has no side effects and benefits to other diseases related to chronic pain.

CBD Pain Relief

Back in 2016, researchers took keen of testing and analysis using the oil to rats with arthritis. They apply a certain amount of CBD oil to the rats in four consecutive days. The study has shown that the inflammation was reduced and the overall pain in the rats who are affected by arthritis as well with no side effects. Today, the anti-inflammatory and pain reliever CBD oil products and gel can hold promising result to any individuals who are suffering joint pain and arthritis.

Cancer Treatment

Another promising effect of CBD oils Canada is that it has plenty of substances that can kill cancer cells in humans. In line with this, the National Cancer Institute has pointed out that cannabis oil or cannabinoid is a possible option for relieving the symptoms and can be a better alternative to chemotherapy. The study revealed better pain management using CBD oil. At the moment, more research is still needed. It only takes a matter of time, before CBD hemp oil Canada researches join the venture of discovering a cancer-killing treatment.

Where To Buy Cannabis Oil

Today, cannabis oil Canada is consumed by a capsule or oil form. OIl can be mixed with food using a few drops of it like in your vegetable salads. Capsule CBD products, on the other hand, are produced with precise dosage per capsule. You can also find CBD oil which is meant for vaping with longer lasting effects.

The best place to find Cannabis oil products is through the internet. Make sure that the online store is legitimate of selling the oil. In order to determine this, feel free to ask them if the cannabis oil is tested by a third or independent party lab. The test result should be shown and can be accessed to the third party lab’s website.

Understanding The Truth About Cannabis Oil Canada