The use of marijuana has come a long way since it was used as an illegal drug that was claimed to be a stimulant that makes people ‘high’.  It is said to be addictive but does not seem to be on moderate use.  Many still use marijuana surreptitiously to get in the mood of being happy.  It is also popularly called weed, grass or reefer.  The ill-effects of marijuana are affecting judgment and perception.  Abuse of the drug can cause social problems.

The active ingredients in marijuana are cannabidiol (CBD) oil buy and tetrahydrocannabinol known for short as THC.  The ingredients are said to help treat some health problems like anxiety and sleeping problems.    Maybe it would be nice to have a test group of marijuana users if they do not have health problems treated by the drug.  If there is a significant high rate of them not suffering from those health problems, then marijuana can be deemed effective.

Length of treatment

Then there is the question of length of treatment.  Marijuana is addictive just like cigarettes.  It will show withdrawal symptoms when use is stopped.  So, how long can marijuana be used when buying cbd oil for treatment to avoid addiction?  Anxiety is one that can be treated by marijuana.  But anxiety is one problem with withdrawal.    It means therefore that treatment should not be stopped to avoid that symptom of withdrawal.

There are other medicines that can cause addiction so their use is controlled to avoid addiction.  Often sudden stop of the use the medicine can cause problems for the patient.  For anxiety treatment, it can mean lifetime treatment because withdrawal of marijuana causes anxiety.  Then again, continuous use of the drug will make the patient have perception and judgment problems.  This gets to the point of choosing which is of lesser evil.

Abuse of use

It can never be discounted that there will always be abuse of use of medical marijuana.  Of course, there will be a dosage prescribed in it is use.  There is a tendency for the dosage to be increased if necessary to be effective.  It will be at that point where a patient will feel the effects of being ‘high’ on the drug that can result to abuse.  Only clinical trials can prove if marijuana addiction is the lesser evil when treating a health condition for patients to avoid cbd oil for sale.

Maybe, clinical trials can show to what extent marijuana can be used so as not to lead to addiction.  Their point reference can also be from addicted users who have been at it.  Interviewing them on how long they have been using it before they got addicted will help determining the best long term use of marijuana.

Those who purchase cbd should always have a valid prescription, both most recent and the current to show that the drug is not being abused.  The name of the patient should always be written by the prescribing physician as there is a possibility that there is more than one in a family being treated by the drug.

Medical Marijuana